KPI's transform time-consuming analysis into ongoing, insightful trends.

KPI's guide your analysis.


See below for a sampling of critical KPI's I can put on your desk

every Monday morning.



> Customer Engagement: Active, Attriting, Non-Recent, Inactive, Reactivated


> Value of email subscriber vs non-subscriber


> Value of multi-channel vs single-channel customers    


> Customer value by acquisition method


> List Growth & Shrinkage

       Weekly TREND for the whole year in one view

       Week-, Month-, Quarter- & Year-to-Date, and Year-Over-Year

       By Segment, not just for the whole list

       Knowing WHERE your list is growing & shrinking empowers the marketer


> Reason for List Shrinkage

       What % came from Unsubscribe vs Bounce vs Spam Button?

       These trends will vary by Segment, revealing risk & opportunity


> List Engagement and Performance

       Everyone tracks CAMPAIGN performance...

               ...But are you tracking LIST performance?

       What % of your list has engaged in the last 1 month, 2-3 months, etc?

           ...Open, Click, Purchase, & Subscription recency

       Losing sleep over whether you're mailing too frequently?

           ...Trend in List Engagement is a critical consideration!

Trend in OPEN recency, by Segment

> Benchmark Campaign Performance

       ...Open, click, purchase, conversion rates, avg order value, revenue per sent


       ...Benchmarked by category, such as:

            - Promotional vs Non-promotional

            - $ off vs % off

            - Day-of-week

            - Rewards members vs non-members


       ...With period comparisons

            - This qtr vs rolling 12 months

            - This week vs same week year ago


       ...And Year-over-year

            - Each day's campaigns side-by-side with same day year ago

            - This month's stats vs same month year-ago

            - Year-to-date stats vs year-ago year-to-date stats


       ...This kind of constant visibility to internal campaign benchmarks

             is critical to for making adjustments in time to make plan

Year over Year Campaign Performance........... For every conceivable fiscal period