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Owner, Dianne Binford - Bio

Dianne launched the customer database for US Shoe's Easy Spirit brand. Over the next 12 years, the role grew through corporate acquisitions to VP Multi-Channel Marketing for Jones Apparel Group, including Nine West and 10 of the top 15 shoe brands in America at the time, leading a cross-functional, multi-channel enterprise organization, responsible for the customer database and all direct-to-consumer marketing programs. Dianne achieved 10 interactive dynamic elements in every email message at a time when the industry was just doing well to send static email blasts. 


This was training ground for the role of SVP Retail Markets for Harte-Hanks, as consultant to over 100 retail clients and mentor to a team of 12 business developers. This was the early days of building integrated, 360-degree customer views for the purpose of strategically triggering highly targeted and personalized interactive messaging. 


On the road toward more project-focused engagements, Dianne took on the challenge of knitting together the autonomous small gifting brands that 1800FLOWERS had acquired. The mother ship had not enjoyed the anticipated spill-over growth of these brands. But the new cross-brand rewards and gift card program that Dianne designed and implemented not only realized 25% higher YOY retention and an 80% lift in purchase frequency within each brand, but also drove the cross-brand purchase behavior the CEO had in mind when he acquired those brands.


This experience ushered in more clients, all with a common thread > we have data; we have websites and maybe stores; we have email; we have programs... but how do we connect it all to drive exponential growth? Especially where email is involved.


Some of Dianne's unique distinctions include:

  • Marketing immersion that's not typically coupled with technical aptitude
  • A reporting suite that's addictive!
    Platform-agnostic, point-and-click, exploratory, unparalleled in the industry
  • Data collection, mapping, personalization, targeting
  • Connecting the dots, and creating the missing dots
  • Waterfall prioritization: the most important message for right now for each person


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