> Effective targeting

    > demands effective segmentation

        > requires robust and turnkey KPI's

            > informs strategic testing and analysis             

                > drives profitable programs that launch on time, on spec, on budget

Trend is everything............ within context & segment

KPI Dashboards and Reporting Suites


A Reporting Suite is your

first step toward strategic marketing.


> Spotlight risks and opportunities early

> Guide your segmentation and targeting
> Bring to light whatever is worth analyzing and testing
> Focus your efforts to drive critical volume of profits


What's missing from your reporting suite???

You may treat all your segments the same........ but they're NOT treating you the same

Segmentation and Targeting

One size does NOT fit all in this day of data-driven ROI accountability.


> Building personalized, dynamic, triggered journeys

> What's profitable with 1 segment will not be with others

> Optimizing marketing for each segment is the big win

> At some point it will be the only path to YOY gains


But where do you start?

Strategic Testing  and  Analysis


Where to start?

Program Launches


The devil is in the details.


> Proper scoping and business requirements
> Mapping accurate data feeds
> Optimizing customer experience and profitability
> Anticipating and avoiding complications
> Launching glitch-free

> Rigorous QA (these things don't just happen by magic!)


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