Testing & Analysis is critical to profitable ROI-based marketing.


But it's NOT the first step.


Before you invest in time-consuming and potentially distracting analysis...


  1. Put a reporting suite of KPI's in place
  2. Let your KPI's guide your testing and analysis
  3. Pinpoint what matters most to YOU
    Is it revenues, traffic, conversion, customer acquisition...?
  4. Let that determine your initial segmentation scheme
    Setting up flexible, robust segmentations is an ART & a science
  5. Now analyze historical TRENDS within each segment
  6. These trends will inform your test design
  7. Calculate the necessary scope of the test
    Start by estimating projected response by each segment
    Set up statistically significant control groups for EACH segment
    Determine how long the test must run to achieve statistical confidence
  8. Plan the execution logistics
  9. Stay on it > the devil is in the details!


If you have enough robust, turnkey KPI's in place, you can

   focus your strategic analysis on what really matters.